Lena meydan


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About me
Name: Lena Meydan
Birthday: August, 21
College: Moscow State University
Favorite place to go: Mediterranean Sea
Favorite writers: Ray Bradbury, Oscar Wilde, J.K.Rowling
Favorite books: “Spartacus”
by Raffaello Giovagnoli & “Harry Potter” by J.K.Rowling
Favorite movie: “Lord of the Rings”, “Sleuth” & Titanic
Favorite quote: “The shadow of a building indicates the height of a structure” Agni Yoga
Hobby: philosophy, the arts (music, sculpture, painting), feng-shui
Favorite things to do: traveling, photography, reading
my favorite music
In Extremo
Cirques du soleil


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Keep out

I was born in Moscow.

After studying literature in high school, I was accepted to the Department of Journalism at Moscow State University (the Harvard of Russia). Having successfully completed my degree at the Department of Foreign Journalism with a minor in Literature I was recommended for admission to postgraduate studies at Moscow State University, which I successfully completed in 2002.

While studying at the Moscow State University I worked as a special correspondent for the magazine, ECONOMY AND LIFE, MOSCOW EDITION and as a correspondent for the newspaper, KOMSOMOL’SKAYA PRAVDA.  I also worked as an editorial assistant for the publishing house, AVANTA. I specialized in topics such as non-formal youth movements and the fight against AIDS.

I started my career in literature in 2000, when I published a mystical fantasy story about a climber and werewolf called, SNOW TIGER.  It was published in ZVEZDNAYA DOROGA (STAR ROAD), one of the leading sci-fi magazines in Russia.


My bio ....

My first novel RUBIN KARASHEHR was published in 2004 and received the literary prize SEREBRYANNIY KADUCEI (SILVER CADUCEUS) at the International Festival of Fantasy Zvezdniy Most (Star Bridge) (Ukraine, Kharkov).

My next work, BLOOD BROTHERS, a series of vampire novels (the first book of the series is being published in the U.S. as TWILIGHT FOREVER RISING), received the professional literary prize “Strannik (Stranger)” at the 13th International Congress fantasy writers (St. Petersburg, Russia).   It was hailed as “the best urban fantasy 2000-2005 years”.

I completed the trilogy RUBIN KARASHEHR in 2007.  The last book in this series, LUCHEZARNIY (RADIANT), was recognized as the Book of the Year 2007 in Russia's largest fiction and fantasy magazine MIR FANTASTIKI (FANTASY WORLD).  The category was Best Continued Domestic Fiction Series.

WIZARD FROM THE CLAN OF DEATH, the second novel of the vampire series was nominated as one of the six best science fiction novels of 2007 in Russia.  It was also nominated as Best of Continued Domestic Cycle, Best Domestic Mysticism, Thriller, & Urban Fantasy.

I enjoy traveling, which gives me the opportunity to see many new things and to better understand people in different countries.  This broadens my mind and is very helpful when I am busy working on the books and creating new worlds. I really like Europe cities and their history - Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, Florence, and Bern. Each of them has its own face and sometimes they seem like living beings to me.  Walking on the streets of the city I can "talk" with it and it tells me stories about living people or about who have lived here once.

The most exotic trip for me was a trip to Nepal, where in October 2008 my friends and I hiked up to 5,500 meters of Mount Everest.   I first went into the jungle on a trip to Ecuador, saw an active volcano and bathed in waterfalls and hot springs on the high plateau of the Andes. There are many very beautiful mountain areas in Russia - North Caucasus, the mysterious Ural Mountains have their own specific mythology. I remember, while I was in school, I was shocked by the beauty and singularity of the mountains of Tien Shan.

I also enjoy travel photography and try to bring as many photos from my trips.  They restore many memories and I am able to relive some moments.  It is also very helpful in the work of the writer.